Examining Two Methods of Bleaching and Laminate to Whiten Teeth


Bleaching polishes the teeth, but this process must be repeated to increase the durability of the color. Bleaching is a chemical method in which the dentist can whiten the teeth by using oxidizing substances. Bleaching can be done at home and at the dentist. The function of hydrogen peroxide, which is the main ingredient for bleaching, is that it deposits on the tooth pigments, penetrates the tooth dentin, and makes its color brighter. In addition to hydrogen peroxide, to perform the bleaching procedure, the dentist uses a special device to give heat and light to the teeth so that the pigments change color.

A dentist offering advanced teeth whitening services in Orangeville explains that sometimes, due to having wrong eating habits and using a lot of drinks like coffee and tea and smoking, the color of the teeth changes, that's why they don't look beautiful when you laugh and talk; in this situation, bleaching can help you Have a beautiful smile.

After Bleaching, What Should Be Paid Attention to, and What Precautions Should be Taken

1- Using hypoallergenic toothpaste

2-Avoid eating foods that are acidic or very cold

3- Maintaining oral and dental hygiene

4-Avoid smoking

5-Avoid drinking colored drinks like coffee

6- To prevent inflammation of the gums, massage them with warm water

7- Do not use colored food for 48 hours

The Difference, Especially Between Bleaching and Dental Laminate

1- In the bleaching method, teeth are whitened using substances such as hydrogen peroxide, but a thin layer is placed on the tooth for lamination.

2- Bleaching only helps to change the color of teeth, and it cannot be used to repair and irregularity of teeth, while with the help of lamination, it is possible to repair, fill the space between teeth, etc.

Factors Influencing the Change in Teeth Color Over Time

Human nature is beautiful, and people are always looking for a beautiful smile and white teeth. Having a beautiful smile has a very positive effect on building relationships with people. Over time, due to the use of food and some drinks, the color of the teeth changes, and this is uncomfortable. The factors that have a great impact on the color of the teeth include:

1- The use of some treatment methods, such as chemotherapy or the use of some drugs, causes the color of the teeth to change.

2- Smoking

3- The use of drinks and foods that have color affects the teeth over time.

4- With the passage of time and increasing age, the surface of the tooth enamel wears, and the color of the tooth changes.

With the help of bleaching or lamination, dentists can give a suitable color to your teeth and solve the problem of bad color of your teeth.

A Method Other than Bleaching to Whiten Teeth: Dental Laminate

Dental lamination is one of the ways to give the right color to the teeth. To perform dental lamination, the dentist first places a very thin layer on the tooth that has the same color as the tooth. It is not necessary to shave the teeth a lot to perform lamination. Dental lamination can be done in one session in the office, or the dentist first takes a mold of the tooth and sends it to the laboratory, and laminate is made, and then it is placed on the teeth.

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