Learn More About Human Hair Bundles And Weaves

Hair bundles are different from hair extensions as in hair extensions a clump of artificial or natural hair tied with a ribbon or tape is sold raw to the companies who are specialized in making hair extensions or wigs. The history of hair extensions or the use of wigs dates back to 3400 BC that is during the age of the Egyptians. During the Elizabethan and Victorian era royal parties' altogether these items were a symbol of royal status and enhance beauty till the 17th to 18th century AD. But the popularity of artificial hair or extensions or wigs started in the 20th century due to the rise in the use of chemical products and pollution. Through this article, the readers and viewers will learn about the manufacturing process of Indian hair weaves.

How hairs are differentiated before making weaves or extensions out of them?

Indian human hair bundles are classified into different categories or grades which started in 2010 by the professional hair industry. Some of them are-

  1. 3A- this category of hair determines combination hair and consists of S-shaped hair spirals. They are voluminous and bouncy. This is the lowest quality of hair. 

  2. 4A- this category of hair is dense, has slight edges of S-shaped curls, and has lots of volumes. This hair category belongs to the finer side. The hair gets shrink when it is wet and soon after drying, they become straight. This category of hair has fragile strands and endings but is much more prone to frizz during humid weather conditions which are highly prone to hair breakage. 

  3. 5A- this hair category belongs to combination hair which contains several textures in them with S-shaped curls and needs to be regularly chemically treated and ironed to manage the curls and weaves. This hair grade is medium in quality and is 100% virgin and contains a thin hair shaft.

  4. 6A- this category of hair belongs to the good category. This hair belongs to the human Remy hair section which is 100% pure with medium hair texture quality. This hair category is best suited for coloring purposes as they are porous and just sweep everything that is applied to them. These hair extensions should be used by those individuals who possess straight hair.

  5. 7A- this category of hair is better than the above-mentioned hair grade. Best suited for coloring brown, burgundy, and honey hair color. The hair shafts of the hair category are known for their strength and solid texture. The hair extensions or wigs made from this grade of hair come from a single donor.  

  6. 8A- this is a high-quality hair grade which is 100% virgin hair. This hair grade is high in texture quality as they are thick, lustrous, soft, and healthy. This hair category never received any chemical or beauty treatment like hair color, smoothening, keratin treatment, etc. 

  7. 9A- this hair does not cause any tangles or frizz and is very easy to maintain as they are 100% natural healthy, strong, long, and thick hair shafts. Better not to color this hair grade.

  8. 10A- these are hand-selected hair which is the best of all the grades. They are voluminous, thick, healthy with no chemical treatment, and naturally processed. They are the costliest and last up to 3 years. 

To conclude, the above article clearly illustrates about Indian

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