Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Podcast Apps

We cannot deny that podcasts have become the talk of the town ever since they emerged. Everyone wants to know what top streamers, celebrities, and the now famed podcasters are chatting about. Covering all bases like pop culture, hot takes, current news, and even picking up new skills, podcasts have undoubtedly become a force to be reckoned with. 

All that being said, this new medium also takes up more time and patience than we are used to giving out. This makes it very important to go to the right places that are offering you the perfect features, a smooth interface, and a good niche of podcasts. Here are some apps that are definitely worth checking out every time you’re seeking seamless food for thought. Some of these apps also double down as offline music players, so you never run out of options to entertain yourself.

Apple Podcasts

Hosting a collection of nearly 2.5 million podcasts, this platform also boasts several shows that have repeatedly topped listener charts in the USA and all over the world. Even though this app remains restricted to iOS users, it is a perfect pick for listeners with every interest. Podcasts like ‘Crime Junkie and ‘The Bakersfield Three’ are perfect for those who want to tune into enthralling mysteries on the go. For the more serious listeners who are inclined to learn, shows like ‘Stuff You Should Know’ and ‘On Purpose with Jay Shetty' act as great brain food.

Apple product users can simply find and launch the app installed on their systems to play any episode. The app allows users to toggle audio controls and select the amount of time they would want to tune into the show. Users might also have to pay an additional fee depending on the podcast they are listening to.

Amazon Music

Bringing a perfect mix of Indian and international podcasts to the table, Amazon Music boasts a variety of exclusive and commonly consumed shows. ‘The Stories of Mahabharata’, ‘The Ranveer Show’, and ‘The Desi Crime Podcast’ were among the many Indian podcasts that made it to the top charts of Amazon Music this year. The beloved Indian radio show hosts have also found a place for their shows on this platform launching podcasts like ‘Mirchi Murga’ and ‘RJ Balaji Show.’

Users can tune in by subscribing to Amazon Music which comes in a bundle with Amazon Shopping and Prime Video’s Prime membership. The seamless streaming platform is among the few podcast apps that allow users to add sleep timers, change playback speed, screencast, and add presets.


The Hong Kong-based podcast streamer and producer goes a step further and provides its listeners with live FM radio and even audiobooks. While world-famous shows like ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ and ‘Ben Show Shapiro’ are streamed on the platform, it also offers live streams and radio broadcasts.

Users can simply download the Castbox app and begin choosing the podcasts that fit their niche. The app even allows users to create playlists and change playback settings. Some features of the app such as subscriptions and podcast recommendations remain behind a paywall.

Wynk Music

Another favorite among Indian listeners, this homegrown streaming platform is perfect when it comes to catering to Indian tastes. From podcasts like ‘Cricbaazi’ for cricket aficionados to ‘Woice with Warikoo’ for budding entrepreneurs, the platform hosts a show for everyone. Those listeners who tune into dramas and love stories as they go about their daily chores can also be sure to find their pick on Wynk.

While Wynk Music remains a subscription-based model for non-Airtel users, the free version allows users to stream with the interruption of ads. Users can only stream unlimited podcasts and download them after buying Wynk Premium.


A podcast is the new age's ideal way of learning and upskilling without spending much time or money. Their flexibility and options brought along by the industry are too good to give up on. With this list of podcast streaming apps at your disposal, you know how to make the most of your time or at least pass it with an entertaining podcast stream.

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