Most Popular Things to Do in Richmond, Virginia

Do you intend to visit the Northeastern United States? Make time to explore all the exciting things to do in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond has a rich history and provides entertainment for the entire family.

Do you need help planning your itinerary? With this comprehensive guide to the finest places to visit in Richmond, VA, you can decide what to see and do.

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1. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Stop by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts if exploring a world-class collection of art is your idea of an ideal vacation. Immerse yourself in almost 5,000 years of masterpieces from throughout the world. Admire sculptures, jewellery, and other items from Roman and Hellenistic times at the ancient display. 

Look for instances of 20th-century Art Nouveau, such as Paul Caponigro's Pebble Beach, California. Appreciate 200 works of "Old Russian" art and silver, such as the 1842 Imperial Peter the Great Russian Egg.

2. Maymont

At Maymont, you can learn about the Gilded Age and stroll through vivid gardens. This Victorian estate, one of the most intriguing sites to visit in Richmond, VA, was given to the city by James and Sallie Dooley. The 100-acre historic site now includes a museum, a lovely public park and gardens, a farm, and animal sanctuaries. 

Explore the Japanese gardens' winding red maple tree-lined walkways. Relax in the atmosphere of the koi pond and falling waterfall by taking a seat under the lovely willow tree. In the Italian gardens, stroll through masonry walks to gazebos and colourful flowers.

3. The Poe Museum

Visit The Poe Museum for a Gothic spin on your Richmond vacation. Admire Edgar Allan Poe's literary genius, visit shrines, and examine eerie relics. As Richmond's oldest residential house, the Old Stone House is steeped in history. It has the perfect eerie ambience for appreciating Poe's life and writings. 

The Poe Museum houses the world's biggest collection of Poe memorabilia and writings. Peer at a small hair ornament cut from his hair at his funeral, which still has a few strands in it. 

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4. Science Museum of Virginia

Travelling with a scientific family? Visit the Science Museum of Virginia for educational fun for parents, teenagers, and children. Through interactive exhibits on rare animals, electricity, astronomy, and even chemical reactions, this popular museum fosters interest in science. 

Squeak, squeak, squeak! Don't worry, that's the Rat Basketball team from the museum. Learn about operant conditioning by watching the rats receive a treat every time they score. Examine bacteria and animal skin samples under a microscope in the Eco Lab. 

5. Virginia State Capitol

History buffs and architecture enthusiasts will enjoy a visit to the Virginia State Capitol in downtown Richmond. Follow the meandering paths of Capitol Square before entering. Keep an eye out for the imposing George Washington equestrian memorial and an Edgar Allan Poe statue near the Bell Tower. 

Explore the majestic hallways of the Virginia Capitol to find over 130 artworks of American statesmen. To find out if you're taller than George Washington, pose next to the sole statue he modelled for.

6. Hollywood Cemetery

The Hollywood Cemetery's eerie yet gorgeous grounds will appeal to history buffs. Explore the hills and valleys along the banks of the James River to find historical treasures dating back to 1847. Winnie Davis was President of the Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis's daughter. 

She was from marrying her Yankee lover, and she died at the age of 34. The Crying Angel monument stood over her grave. Can you find the statue of the Newfoundland Dog? Nobody knows how this cast iron dog got here, but it guards the grave of a child who died in 1862.

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